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The British Army in the Second World War
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The  British Army in the Second World War is the only complete guide to the regiments, formations and battles of the British Army during WW2.


The website launched properly in 2009 with details of every British Division which served overseas; information on all the Infantry Regiments will follow. Details of battles and other Corps/Units will follow later in 2009/10, during the 65th Anniversary of events in 1944/45.


The British contribution to the Second World War has unjustly stayed in the shadows too long; hopefully this website will be one step towards redressing the balance.


As the son of a WW2 veteran - my father served in Italy with 24th Field Regiment RA - it is with great pleasure and I pride I publish this site on the internet, as a memorial to all those who fought and died in that great Total War of 1939-45.


Paul Reed MA

The site will include details of the battlefields where the British Army fought during the Second World War. The first mini-guides will be to Normandy and Arnhem. More will then follow.

The site is pleased to be linked with WW2 Talk, the main WW2 Discussion Forum on the Internet, with a distinct British & Commonwealth bias. For further details visit WW2 Talk.

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Are you a journalist, researcher or producer looking for information on the British in the Second World War? Paul Reed has extensive TV experience, and an envied list of contacts. If you require help contact:

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The British Army in the Second World War