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The British Army in the Second World War
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British Divisions 1939-1945

This part of the site contains details of all the British Divisions which fought overseas during the Second World War.


Each section contains details of which units served with the division, where it fought, where it served and information on Victoria Cross winners and books on the division.

Armoured Divisions

1st Armoured Division

2nd Armoured Division

6th Armoured Division

7th Armoured Division

10th Armoured Division

11th Armoured Division

79th Armoured Division

Infantry Divisions

Guards Division

1st Division

2nd Division

3rd Division

4th Division

5th Division

6th Division

15th (Scottish) Division

18th Division

23rd (Northumbrian) Division

36th Division

42nd (East Lancs) Division

43rd (Wessex) Division

46th Division

48th (South Midland) Division

49th (West Riding) Division

50th (Northumbrian) Division

51st (Highland) Division

52nd (Lowland) Division

53rd (Welsh) Division

56th (London) Division

59th (Staffordshire Regiment)

78th Division

Airborne Divisions

1st Airborne Division

6th Airborne Division